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                     Location:     Pearl Ms. 39208


  Out of area fee will apply for delivers over 20 miles from shop.

                                                             Combo Bouncer slide:

                                  $200.00 --  up to 8 hours      





   56' obstacle course slide:

  $280.00---4 hr   $350.00---8 hr




  35' obstacle course 

 $200.00- up to 8 hr rental     


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  15'x15' All-star Party Bouncer:

   $110.00---up to 8 hrs  rental       




15'x15' Pink Party Bouncer:

    $110.00---up to 8 hrs  rental       


 3 in 1 Modular Castle bouncer

$125.00 up to 8 hours Rental per day

Banners in stock :

1. Sports theme


 Interactive games 

 $125.00 -  up to 8 hour Rental

              Your choice.





            Baby bouncer 

    $110.00---up to 8 hrs rental

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Tsunami Single lane Slip & Dip with Pool

$200.00  up to 8 Hour Rental 







     18' Front load wet/ dry slide

  $300.00---up to 8hr rental




22'  Wave slide Wet / Dry

 $380---up to 8 hrs Rental



 53' Tsunami slide slip an dip

$450.00 up to 8 hr Rental

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500 gallon Dunker

With window:

$170.00-- up to 8 hrs rental





SnowCone Machine:                                              


 120 Snow cone cups

100 Spoon straws        

One gallon of flavor(s).

Strawberry, Banana,  


Bubble gumGrape.             

$65.00----up to 8 hours rental 

$25.00- extra serving




Cotton Candy Machine

 $65.00 --- Rental Fee

Includes --- 1 carton of flavor 60 cones or 100 plastic bags.

$25.00 --- extra serving 






 Powder Pucker Machine

5 flavors 30 servings

$65.00--- Rental fee

$ 25.00--- extra servings




     Popcorn  Machine:

8oz  Popcorn Kettle


5  Ready mix popcorn pkg 

30 bags.   serves 35          

$65.00----Rental  fee 

$25.00-extra serving

 Sky Dancer Puppet  

55.00 -----------Rental Fee

 10x10 EZ-up Tent

25.00 ----- Rental Fee

 6000 watt Generator

65.00 ------- Rental Fee


Fog Machine

55.00 Rental Fee 

    Tables and Chairs 

 $30.00- 1 table and 6 Chairs  

    $5.00 per chair

    $5.00 per table



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* With all these great "Bouncers" every party event

 will be a blast.

* All our Bouncers are in new condition.

* All our Bouncer are cleaned and sanitized after every booking.

* All our Bouncers are made of heavy-duty vinyl.

* All our Bouncers will hold Adults as well Children.

* All our Bouncers are made in the USA.


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